Noon Wey! Welcome to the Adventure Guides and Princesses of Dayton.  This Nation is organized via the South Dayton YMCA and is divided by Fathers/Sons and Fathers/Daughters and by age range:

The Adventure Guides and Princess programs focus on fathers doing fun activities with their sons and daughters.  The idea being that doing fun activities with your son and daughter will improve your relationship with them and greatly enhance both their lives and yours at the same time.

If you are concerned about time …. don’t be! Typical time commitments are 2-4 hours a month which involve a monthly meeting, in Circles or Tribes, and a fun event, such as Putt Putt or Laser Tag. Dads and Daughters/Sons are grouped by the Circles they join, based on when the Dad and Daughter/Son can attend the monthly meetings. The Circles do not meet during the summer months so there is no need to worry about conflicts with vacation and other summer activities. If you can’t make an event or meeting, no need to worry! We’ll miss you but we understand everyone is busy. This is a positive program meant to enrich you and your child’s time together and we don’t require families to miss other important events in order to participate.

The Adventure Guides / Princess program is different from scouting, sports teams, and many other activities because it is specifically intended to build and improve the Father/Daughter or Father/Son relationship. Our members join the program specifically because dads and daughters/sons want to spend more time together.

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