The Adventure Guides for the South YMCA are split into 6 tribes.  The following is some general info about the tribes and when they meet.  Please keep in mind that dads and sons can join any tribe they want it really depends on what feels right to them.

Meeting nights for the tribes:

  • Grand Tetons – 2nd Tuesday of the month.
  • Navigators – 2nd Monday of the month.
  • Blackhawks– 3rd Thursday of the month.
  • Phoenix – 3rd Wednesday of the month.
  • North Stars – no set meeting night.
  • Red Bulls – no set meeting night

Here is a short description for each tribe:

  • Grand Tetons – The Grand Tetons have members from both Kettering and Centerville.  A lot of the boys in this tribe either go to or went to Primary Village South in Centerville.  Send email to:
  • Navigators – Navigators have members from both Kettering and Centerville.  Send email to:
  • Blackhawks– The Blackhawks have boys from both Centerville and Kettering.   A lot of the boy in this tribe either go to or went to Primary Village North in Centerville.  Send email to:
  • Phoenix – The Phoenix have boys from both Springboro and Centerville.
  • North Stars – The North Stars are primarily from Kettering
  • Red Bulls – Many of the Red Bulls are from St. Charles in Kettering.  Send email to:

In general each tribe tries to have a monthly meeting at a standard time such as the second Tuesday at 7:00 pm.  These meetings are typically hosted by one of the members and are short 1 to 2 hours.  At a meeting a tribe will gather together, both fathers and sons.   The boys will share a nature report and describe what they have done to earn their wampum.  Then the leaders will share the news of what is going on in the Nation in terms of events and activities.  Then the boys and dads will do a craft and have some snacks.  Occasionally the meetings will be held outside the home for a unique experience, such as visiting a fire station or police station.

The idea is mainly to get the boys and dads together to have some fun and enjoy doing simple activities together with the group.